Getting Started


From PyPI:

pip install django-oscar-easyrec

or from Github:

pip install git+git://

Add 'easyrec' to INSTALLED_APPS.

You will also need to install easyrec itself.

Instructions for installing Easyrec can be found on easyrec’s sourceforge wiki


If you want to make use of back tracking urls. Ensure you set the site url correctly in the tenants configuration section of easyrec.

I’d also heartily recommend reading through some of the basic concepts of easyrec to get a better idea of how to get the best out of it.


Edit your to set the following settings:


In easyrec all items have an ‘itemtype’. django-oscar-easyrec passes the product class name for this value. If the item type is not registered in easyrec it will send the default value of ‘ITEM’.

So each of your product classes needs to manually added as an itemtype via easyrec’s dashboard if you want them to be recorded separately.


If you add itemtypes to easyrec you will need to restart your django project to ensure they are picked up correctly.

And that’s it! All purchases, product views and reviews will automatically be pushed to easyrec.